Newbury Road Club
@ Mary Hare School
Cyclo-Cross Races
Wessex League Round 1
6 September 2014

These results are the best we can do, following a number of issues that needed to be resolved.

We owe a big vote of thanks to our timekeepers and helpers. Firstly to Alex, Andy and Jenny who stayed behind till well into the evening to help sort out placings and secondly and especially to Alun, who heroically stayed up to 3.30am looking at dirty movies (OK the videos of the races) to figure out what was going on in the vets races.

The outcome of all that work are the results shown here; the judges' decision is final.

These results will be sent to The Wessex League who will determine points awarded for all categories.

Animated results

Groovy animations and full results with times etc

Results files

Downloadable results of each race in pdf file format